Just like your dealership, having individual departments with department heads for accountability, we do the same. We have in-house teams exclusively dedicated to compliance, coop, Facebook, SEM, SEO, data, production, media, etc. With this stucture we are able to guarantee a quick, efficient, and accurate turn around, because we understand the importance of being first to market. As an Example, a new month rolls out or the factory changes a program. Via email, phone call, or text, your key account manager gets the new program or offers to the market immediately through all forms of media. There is no more calling five different vendors. We will even reach out to third party vendors if they are being effected by the new marketing as well.


data science

Every decision we make is based upon data science, past and present. There is no wizard behind the curtain or a crystal ball. Through our enterprise systems and data-scraping technologies, we discover hidden insights to create data modeling techniques, data visualisation, and predictive analytics. That’s how we develop our go to market strategy to disrupt and dominate.

branding / usp

Branding is much more than a logo. It is the ability to give your business a unique identity through a visual or an audible. The ram group specializes in custom jingles, logos, usps, and out of the box creative that will differentiate you from your competition.

co-op & compliance

We ensure all inbound and outbound marketing is compliant to each OEM’s covenant policies for co-op submissions pre and post, and state and county guidlines.

bdc consulting

Most marketing agencies stop once the media is placed. That’s where The RAM Group begins with a monthly in-depth analysis of your CRM and Phone System to determine if we are hitting our KPI’s along with the proper ROIs. On top of the analyzing, we are also coaching and training for opportunities, set/shows, and processes and procedures.

one to one marketing

With our exclusive SC-CR code that we place on your website, it gives us the ability to harvest the name, address, current vehicle, and obtain a soft pull on their credit. Once we have determined they have met our criteria, we can now send them a one-off email or mailer. All of this is can be done without the customer filling out a form.