An Automotive Digital & Traditional Marketing Agency

At the RAM Group, we believe in making a difference. As an automotive-only agency, we are the experts on strategies that will generate results and increase revenue and ROI for our clients.

Trusted by some of the best dealerships in the world, we are proud to represent them and provide full transparency in everything we do. From better reporting, to in-depth strategy sessions, our goal is to ensure you are profitable and fully aware of the marketing that is working for you.

Our Team Set Up

Just as you do in a dealership, our teams are set up with department heads that mitigate interruptions, increase go-to-market strategy speed time, and maintain accountability in all campaigns.

However, just as a conductor leads an orchestra, so too will your account manager lead your strategy. A master of all, your RAM Group team leader will be able to lead multiple teams in order to go live with new campaigns quickly and decrease the number of people you have to call/ email.

Decisions Based on Data, Not Opinions

At the RAM Group, we believe in the power of data to make changes that will impact all campaigns positively. Through enterprise system and data-scraping technologies, we discover hidden insights and create visualizations to accurately turn numbers into actionable insights we can all understand.

From there, our predictive analysis tools can help us make decisions knowing how these will impact our bottom line.

We Take Compliance Seriously

From ADA to ICANN and more, our goal is to limit the liability to your dealership. For this reason, we ensure every campaign is fully compliant with the latest standards.

the RAM Group leadership

george ford


After 18 years in the automotive industry and a climb from Porter to Platform President, George Ford decided to leave that side of the auto industry for the automotive marketing/consulting side. Since leaving the auto industry and starting The RAM Group in 2003, George has used his over the top style and in-the-trenches approach to catapult clients to the national level. His shared success with his clients and performance based pricing has given the agency a reputation of superior service and unparalleled accountability.

Kent Baughman


Bringing over 20 years of automotive advertising experience, Kent Baughman joined The RAM Group in 2008. He brings his outside of the box thinking and high-energy approach to every client interaction. Lending his expert insight on all matters pertaining to goal setting, strategic planning, creative development, and implementation, Kent ensures that each campaign is expressly geared towards delivering exceptional results. Additionally, he sold radio advertising, as well as published a magazine, rounding out his extensive knowledge of all forms of media.

Walter Balan

Multicultural Division Director

As the Mutlicultural Division Director, his expertise and experience has been invaluable to The RAM Group. Walter ensures we are delivering the proper messaging to the right audience, understanding that there are so many different dialects for so many different nationalities across this great country. Walter ensures we hit our mark each and every time. Walter came to The RAM Group from Madison Avenue working on brands such as Gillette, Nabisco, Nissan, Bacardi, and Geico, just to name a few.

bo White

Digital Guru

Bo runs our digital team of 67 that make going to the next level a daily occurance. Bo ensures that the team is always on the edge of the latest technologies used to promote digital dominance. Prior to getting into automotive digital advertising, Bo spent his years pioneering in the first webites on the internet for companies like Zappos, Groupon,, and several more.

Bo runs our digital team of 67 that make going to the next level a daily occurance. Bo ensures that the team is always on