who we are

The RAM Group is a high-touch, automotive marketing & consulting agency that specializes in both digital, and traditional advertising. We use a data-driven approach to deliver effective strategies that yield both exceptional and measurable results through both digital and traditional forms. We were one of the first agencies to bring these two forms of advertising together for symbiotic marketing, managed under one roof, and with one point of contact. We are a strategic consulting partner with an ROI focus, that provides the most advanced marketing solutions for our clients ensuring their profitability with full transparency. With a multitude of ways to engage with consumers, we ensure our teams are being continually educated and trained to be subject matter experts. This gives us the ability to execute at a much higher level than others. There is nothing about us that is cookie-cutter. We provide solutions that are fully tailored to you and your business. We will never call you Monday morning and say, “What do you want to do this week?”

Another Reason to Choose Us: Just like your dealership, having individual departments with department heads for accountability, we do the same. We have in-house teams exclusively dedicated to compliance, coop, Facebook, SEM, SEO, data, production, media, etc. With this structure we are able to guarantee a quick, efficient, and accurate turn around, because we understand the importance of being first to market. As an Example, a new month rolls out or the factory changes a program. Via email, phone call, or text, your key account manager gets the new program or offers to the market immediately through all forms of media. There is no more calling five different vendors. We will even reach out to third party vendors if they are being affected by the new marketing as well.

who we work with

We take great pride in working with the #1 & #3 Lexus stores in the country, Lexus of Pembroke Pines & Lexus of North Miami, two of the top ten Hyundai stores in the US, and a top 5 Mazda store, a #1 Honda store, a #1 Ford store, plus many others. Our digital team is lucky enough to be working with the #1 digital dealer, which happens to be the #1 CDJR store in the country. That being said, we don’t know of any other agency that works with as many #1 dealers as we do, with longstanding relationships dating back to 2003.

We know advertising

the ram group leadership

george ford


After 18 years in the automotive industry and a climb from Porter to Platform President, George Ford decided to leave that side of the auto industry for the automotive marketing/consulting side. Since leaving the auto industry and starting The RAM Group in 2003, George has used his over the top style and in-the-trenches approach to catapult clients to the national level. His shared success with his clients and performance based pricing has given the agency a reputation of superior service and unparalleled accountability.

Kent Baughman


Bringing over 20 years of automotive advertising experience, Kent Baughman joined The RAM Group in 2008. He brings his outside of the box thinking and high-energy approach to every client interaction. Lending his expert insight on all matters pertaining to goal setting, strategic planning, creative development, and implementation, Kent ensures that each campaign is expressly geared towards delivering exceptional results. Additionally, he sold radio advertising, as well as published a magazine, rounding out his extensive knowledge of all forms of media.

Steve Gall

Vice President

Steve has 30+ years of experience and has helped sell thousands of cars. He began his career at 21-years-old and rapidly achieved many accolades that included work with the top performers in the automotive world. He ran multiple platforms and dealerships throughout the country. Some of the brands he has impacted include: Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.

Walter Balan

Multicultural Division Director

As the Mutlicultural Division Director, his expertise and experience has been invaluable to The RAM Group. Walter ensures we are delivering the proper messaging to the right audience, understanding that there are so many different dialects for so many different nationalities across this great country. Walter ensures we hit our mark each and every time. Walter came to The RAM Group from Madison Avenue working on brands such as Gillette, Nabisco, Nissan, Bacardi, and Geico, just to name a few.

bo White

Digital Guru

Bo runs our digital team of 67 that make going to the next level a daily occurance. Bo ensures that the team is always on the edge of the latest technologies used to promote digital dominance. Prior to getting into automotive digital advertising, Bo spent his years pioneering in the first webites on the internet for companies like Zappos, Groupon, Vegas.com, and several more.

Bo runs our digital team of 67 that make going to the next level a daily occurance. Bo ensures that the team is always on

Michelle Murtagh

Digital Director

Michelle has over 10 year of advertising experience, 7 of which are in the automotive industry. Michelle comes to The RAM Group from NYC previously doing advertising for a large casino. She sets the bar high for her clients, and with her combination of creativity and passion, she creates omni-channel strategies that take our clients to the next level. She is Constant Contact Certified and specializes in email marketing, social media advertising, and consulting.

the company we keep